Weak or Strong?

“When I am weak, then am I strong.” 2 Corinthians 12:10. Yes, many parts of this physical body are weak. My eyes have glasses. My ears have devises. It comes with age, we are told. I can’t do the ten push-ups I could once easily do. I trouble to do sit-ups. Yet I can still walk, but to ride a bicycle, puts the body at unsteadiness. How then did the ancients manage for hundreds without glasses and ear helpers?

This minute I can breathe providing me with a steady heart-beat, pulsating lungs, tightening muscles, and feeling the warm flowing waters over my hands. That’s the physical. God has become my strength. Knowing Him is my strength as He will not leave me. Always there, here right now. Yes, the Great I Am, the Creator, Loving, Benevolent Sustainer walked me through yesterday and will be at my side as the strong soul continues to strengthen the spiritual me.

Yes, I admit I am weak, but still strong.