Scientists at CERN wonder why we’re still here.

This brief note is my summary of an article. Scientists at CERN a $1.24 billion subsidized scientific community now wonder why we even exist.

Scientists at CERN have been working day in day out to discover a bit more of this universe. They’ve found the atomic matter that combined with other matter makes up the next level of the physical; building blocks of the universe. They’ve also discovered what is called anti-matter, or anti-particles, unstable sub-atomic matter that fights against matter.

Most of this is beyond a non-scientist understanding, but here goes.

Scientist are confused. They’ve been saying that this universe was boomed into existence by that big bang, but this anti-matter stuff indicates that the universe should not be because the bang would have continued banging according to the laws of physics, eventually causing the universe to reverse into nothingness. But they’re not giving up hope of finding the original matter, now looking at the way the force of gravity pulls the sub atomic matter down. Supposedly then the anti-matter will be pulled up. But then if these sub-atomic pieces of matter separate, then reason has it that there would be giant holes between matter. Is that the black hole they’ve seen way out in outer space? But why then isn’t the distance between the matter and ant-matter here in our universe, like here on this earth. So, the conjecture now is that we shouldn’t even exist.

Sorry scientists, but you’ll never ever scientifically discover how we humans have been put together by those tiny pieces of matter and anti-matter forming together in bunches creating skin, muscle, bones, arteries, a heart, lung, a mouth, nose, ears, eyes and hair along with the ability to think, reason, speak, and give birth to another.

Read Genesis.

Watching the Ants.

What inspired me to write “Considering the Ant.”?  Sitting on the deck one day the line of ants caught my eye as they climbed up the seven-foot post to get some of the sweet stuff in the hummingbird feeder. Back and forth they went. Amazing, that as small as they are, they seemed to be able to smell, to find the sweet stuff.a long way off. I then envisioned myself standing on the sidewalk of the Empire State building smelling a cinnamon roll at the top and then scaling the outside to get some. Nature is amazing. Our intuitive gifts are amazing. Our ability to create is amazing. Turn off the technology for a moment and “Be still and know.”

Excerpt from “Considering the Ant.”

“Ah, we can look at the complete snow flake or get in close to view the intricate design, just as this human brain has been viewed by science and they inform us all that these 100 billion or so neurons have supposedly come together combing together to form this brain of ours.

Trillions of combinations of a 1 and a 0; eight of which form a bit were organized and designed to create that smart phone. It didn’t just evolve together over billions of years, no, there were designers working on that. Mega-trillions of those bytes put together make the computer work doing marvelous things as we stare into that piece of plastic playing games, connecting to each other thru social media, reading the latest news and storing all that information within a finger size disk. Designed by human intelligence.

No, it was not just a random happening in a lab somewhere. Our human intelligence created that masterpiece.

A Devine intelligence beyond us designed and created this brain and body of ours.”


This past week has been a thought opener for me. Two events:

  1. the hope of the end times promoted by David Meade.

2.the NFL haggling over taking a knee.

An article came to mind: one remembering Martin Luther, way back in the 1500’s when he resisted the authorities by posting his 95 theses ushering in the Protestant Reformation. Luther had a crisis situation that promoted him to ‘live as if God was real’ by sending that lightning strike to get his attention. Do we consider that the wrath of nature (hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning) may be the Almighty Creator God trying to get our attention directed toward HIM?  Luther did. Moses did. Noah too. The Bible tells us about the end times? The tribulation (7 years, 3 ½ years?) The thousand-year reign when all things are restored. Restored to what? To the time before Adam and Eve disobeyed? To an earthly paradise again? What will that be like for us personally?  God told Adam to work for 6 days and take the 7th day for rest. So, will we still be working during the 1000-year reign when Jesus rules from Jerusalem. 1000 years? Will our life span then be comparable to those famous ole timers of around 1000 years; Adam lived for 930 years, Moses for 960. Hmm, If the Lord came back today would I have another 921 years of life. All sickness, weakness and disease wiped out, fit as a fiddle for 8 centuries. No snakes tempting, but will TV adds still be tempting?

Just pondering.