The Commandments, Part 3.

The owner, the creator of this domain gathers the partners together with the stone tablet in front of him as he points to number 5 reading it slowly: “Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.” Exodus 20:12 kjv

“To all my partners, this rule should be an easy one for each of you to follow. Without your father and mother, you wouldn’t be here. There would be no Jim, no John, no Mary or a Louise. Your first appearance was a welcoming sight. You were nurtured, taken care of as at first all you could do was smile, cry, fumble around babbling away.

pexels-photo-377041 baby

You learned how to walk, run and talk; you responded to their teachings, learned so much, so quickly that they began to fear for your safety. You have some remembrances of those early years, but not much. They sacrificed so much for you. You’ve been provided with an inner desire to explore and at times that spirit, because it was not yet in tune scared your parents and they corrected you. They hoped you’d connect the consequences of actions as they guided you along on your journey to becoming a self- guided partner in this endeavor when that time came for you to repeat the process: Jim with Mary, Joe with Louise.

“Yes, they deserve your honor; you must esteem them worthy of your praise so that your days will receive that same honor and praise from those you bring into this world. It’s part of this circle of what goes around comes around; reaping what is sown.”

Photo by joel carter from Pexels

The Commandments, Part 2

As a layman without any sort of degree in theological studies, here I go again, posting an analogy of the Ten Commandments using my liberties on this second part of this series on the Ten Commandments, concentrating on the 4th as written in Exodus 20.

“Charlton Heston in “Ten Commandments” 1956”Annex-Heston,Charlton(TenCommandments,The)_05

You’ve been working hard the past 5 days when the boss approaches you at the work site. Surprised, you quickly wonder, did I do something wrong, did I break a rule, was I was in trouble and might be sent to the bonfire. He notices right away your astonishment and puts you at ease. He then starts reviewing with you again how the company got its start, how he put all things together under certain laws that would guarantee the certainties of repeating actions; six days of intense work.

He says: “After the concentrated work of those six days, I looked at it and said its good, it’ll work. I sat down and admired what had been accomplished and rested enjoying the completion of those intense six days.”  He stops and peers into your eyes for clues as to your recognition and acknowledgment, whether you do get it, whether you really do understand the meanings of it all, or if he may have problems with you abusing a liberty as an opportunity to go another way, to do your own thing.

The owner creator starts up again.

“[insert your name here], from my observations you’ve had an excellent performance record throughout the previous days work. So, now I want to inform you of another rule of mine for all my partners in this venture of ours. You are my partner in this. The joy of your fellowship while we’re organized together in this venture pleases me. You know that I put this company together in six days and then I took a day off.  This is the beginning of your sixth day now, so you’ve got the rest of today to finish the week’s work, but then I want you to take the next day off and rest, just as I did. You deserve the rest. You need the rest. Your body needs it. Your soul and mind needs it. It’s a day I desire you and your family to plan to rest, giving yourselves time to recuperate and mend. Nothing but restful activities remembering how you came to be my partner. That includes all within your dwelling and any animals you may have too, as they too need a day to do as they would. We’ll call it our sabbath day of each week.”

“I desire for you join me on this seventh day each week for a time of restful relaxed fellowship together. Will you do that?”


“Yes, yes. Thank You.”

What Atheism brings Society.

In light of the recent massacre upon church goers in rural Texas, it has been discovered that the shooter, the killer, the murderer was an avowed atheist. So, why do those who have adopted the atheistic doctrine end up in the state of mind as this killer?  What standards did he live by? What guided him on his daily activities? How did he relate to others?  Did he consider anything as a no no?

If there is no God, then we’ve been evolved from lower creatures and that’s all there is to it. Scientists have proof. You’re an animal. You will die someday just like all the other creatures on this planet, and that’ll be it. No more it’s over. So, live your life the best you can, accumulate as much money and enjoy the benefits while you can. See the world and enjoy the ride. Marriage, what’s that? Just two people hooking up together to share the same house. It’s cheaper that way and easier to move on when another better equipped one comes along. Whatever you desire is out there for you, just go get it. Sex was made to enjoy, so get in bed with whoever and have a good time, and if perchance the partner ends up pregnant, get rid of it. We don’t want it and don’t need to go through all that hassle and disturbance to this life. If someone offends you then get him before he gets you.

“On Fox News, Laura Ingraham noted that some of the reactions to the shooting pointed to “elite hostility to people of faith,” stating that “hostility to faith infects the popular culture.” She also spoke of a rising “militant secularism,” drawing attention to comments which mocked the prayers of believers on behalf of those affected by Sunday’s church massacre.

“First, it is a natural fruit of the harsh and condescending “new atheism,” which continues to poison many hearts and minds with its venom. God is not simply to be rejected; He is to mocked and ridiculed, as are His followers.


Over this next week or so, I will be delving into those tablets Moses came down from the mountain with: The Ten Commandments that define our morality.  Perhaps just one Commandment at a time to keep it short and simple in layman terms.

Reaching back for safety.

“Picture yourself standing at the edge of a cliff looking down to the river a thousand feet below. Would there be a sense of fear causing you to step back and grab hold of a support system?  If you were out enjoying yourself in a canoe suddenly discovering the water of the river was disappearing over a great Niagara Falls a little bit ahead, would a sense of fear take over?  Say, you wanted a sense of excitement deciding to climb an inactive volcanic mountain when getting near the top, you heard a noise and saw the flames erupting, would a sense of fear cause you to run for your life seeking cover?

“So, why doesn’t a sense of fear overtake us when we’re tempted to go against those commandments, the laws the creator initiated for our safety and well-being?  Does a sense of fear come upon you first before you tell your teacher the dog ate your homework?  Shouldn’t our fear of God be like our fear of falling off a cliff?  You step back from the temptation to grab hold of the rule-book, knowing that obeying it will keep you from falling. Should our fear of God be so strong that the desire to cross the line into immorality and deceit is immediately aroused when we approach the line; your heart beats faster, you feel the blood rushing in your head and you gasp for air breathing deeply wanting safety.

“Think. The book of Romans tells us: “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth.”

An excerpt from “Considering the Ant. Memoirs of Samuel Guardyall”

Our current drug problem of “illicit drugs”.

Recently, the problem of so many people overdosing on opioid substances resulting in some ending their lives, some ending in prison has crept into the mainstream with the department of Health and Human Services declaring it as a public health emergency.

“Opioid substances, including commonly prescribed prescription painkillers such as oxycodone and synthetic substances such as fentanyl, claimed 59,000 lives in 2016.” [1]

In the mid 80’s drug overdoses were taking lives as crack cocaine became known, still being used today.

In the 60-70s it was Marijuana, still being misused today.

The common idea of locking them up and banning the drug was the proposed solution. Now thousands are in prison for the crime of possession. Has it worked? Obviously not as the crisis has just morphed into using different drugs and getting them illegally. But why do the young do it? Why do they desire to consume a substance that will possibly knock them unconscious? Why? Are they aware of the consequences? Do they even care? Is it just thought of as going on a drunken high, and waking up with only a headache? Have they started out with only a high the first time. “Wow that feels good.” Then soon again seeking that same feeling of extreme joy, but then the just one pill has required 3 or 4 to get the same effect and soon they’re hooked. “More, I need another, please, it’s not working.”

Why? Why do we seek these ‘highs”?

Is it the desire for continual joy, happiness?

Marijuana is grown as a plant, a green leafy item having its own healing qualities built in, designed by the Creator as a benefit to mankind. When and who discovered its usage.

One day, thousands of years ago a guy was out picking the veggies for dinner; potatoes, corn, a head of lettuce, tomatoes and beheading a chicken to roast over an open fire, when he saw an unfamiliar plant growing along the hillside. Humm? He picks it, fingers it, licks it, tastes good. So, he gathers a bunch to add to the night’s dinner. They all enjoy it and feel pretty good, so the item becomes a regular part of the diet. But soon the hard-working youngster devour more and more of it resulting in physical fits thrashing about and he dies. The tribe leader pulls the tribe together telling them all that they’ve got to use wisdom when consuming this plant. Your diet is best when varied. Yes, it does relieve that back pain but use it sparingly. But the advice is ignored, so the next step is to ban the leafy plant from being harvested, but the young sneak out and get bunches anyway.

How do we avoid that part of our inherited nature?

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” Proverbs 1:7

“Where there is no revelation, people cast off restraint; but blessed are those who heed wisdom’s instruction.” Proverbs 29:18

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matt 6:32.

The solution to the drug problem is not prisons, not the banning of the drug, but is in first things first.  Treatment and rehabilitation of those afflicted instilling knowledge, understanding and wisdom.



Scientists at CERN wonder why we’re still here.

This brief note is my summary of an article. Scientists at CERN a $1.24 billion subsidized scientific community now wonder why we even exist.

Scientists at CERN have been working day in day out to discover a bit more of this universe. They’ve found the atomic matter that combined with other matter makes up the next level of the physical; building blocks of the universe. They’ve also discovered what is called anti-matter, or anti-particles, unstable sub-atomic matter that fights against matter.

Most of this is beyond a non-scientist understanding, but here goes.

Scientist are confused. They’ve been saying that this universe was boomed into existence by that big bang, but this anti-matter stuff indicates that the universe should not be because the bang would have continued banging according to the laws of physics, eventually causing the universe to reverse into nothingness. But they’re not giving up hope of finding the original matter, now looking at the way the force of gravity pulls the sub atomic matter down. Supposedly then the anti-matter will be pulled up. But then if these sub-atomic pieces of matter separate, then reason has it that there would be giant holes between matter. Is that the black hole they’ve seen way out in outer space? But why then isn’t the distance between the matter and ant-matter here in our universe, like here on this earth. So, the conjecture now is that we shouldn’t even exist.

Sorry scientists, but you’ll never ever scientifically discover how we humans have been put together by those tiny pieces of matter and anti-matter forming together in bunches creating skin, muscle, bones, arteries, a heart, lung, a mouth, nose, ears, eyes and hair along with the ability to think, reason, speak, and give birth to another.

Read Genesis.

Watching the Ants.

What inspired me to write “Considering the Ant.”?  Sitting on the deck one day the line of ants caught my eye as they climbed up the seven-foot post to get some of the sweet stuff in the hummingbird feeder. Back and forth they went. Amazing, that as small as they are, they seemed to be able to smell, to find the sweet stuff.a long way off. I then envisioned myself standing on the sidewalk of the Empire State building smelling a cinnamon roll at the top and then scaling the outside to get some. Nature is amazing. Our intuitive gifts are amazing. Our ability to create is amazing. Turn off the technology for a moment and “Be still and know.”

Excerpt from “Considering the Ant.”

“Ah, we can look at the complete snow flake or get in close to view the intricate design, just as this human brain has been viewed by science and they inform us all that these 100 billion or so neurons have supposedly come together combing together to form this brain of ours.

Trillions of combinations of a 1 and a 0; eight of which form a bit were organized and designed to create that smart phone. It didn’t just evolve together over billions of years, no, there were designers working on that. Mega-trillions of those bytes put together make the computer work doing marvelous things as we stare into that piece of plastic playing games, connecting to each other thru social media, reading the latest news and storing all that information within a finger size disk. Designed by human intelligence.

No, it was not just a random happening in a lab somewhere. Our human intelligence created that masterpiece.

A Devine intelligence beyond us designed and created this brain and body of ours.”