As the wind blows.

I was recently out for a walk on a windy day when my cap flies off my head being blown vertically down the street. I turned around and chased it, caught it and secured it more firmly over the thin haired scalp of mine to continue the walk through the neighborhood streets. The wind caught my full un-divided attention to recover the cap.

This morning as I was reading an article in which the author had used the definition of love as presented in Paul’s 1st letter to the Corinthians 13:4-8.  Reading those three words ‘Love is patient’ was like that wind causing me to turn and read the verse again, and again and there I saw it differently than any of the other countless times I’ve read these verses in the past.

Patience is putting a restriction upon myself.

It’s something that I choose to do. Bite my tongue and wait in patience. I must choose to be kind to others. Boasting is a choice. Acting proud is a choice. Speaking of ill to another is a choice. All these actions are choices I should make. A choice to not get angry when put down. I must not keep records of hurts others may have done to me. Love is keeping those emotions being tossed to and fro by the winds in check.

Patience is a check on my behavior.

Oh, if the Almighty Creator God and Lord had not patience with his final creation, then there’d be no me, no us, no others to love. God showed patience with Lot. God had patience for Noah and his family, but lost it with everyone else. God had patience by causing the sea to part for Moses and the Israelites, losing it with the Egyptians.

The enduring patience of God was exhibited to all of us at the cross of Calvary.