Time tells all.

Over time sketches such as this has permeated our world; the story being that modern man (the last on the right) has had these stages of physical development in the evolutionary process through millions or billions of years from the sketch on the far left; the ape like monkey. Schools teach this. Scientists preach this. The media echos. So what’s up? Anything wrong with the theory? Oh, it is just a theory, a guess, a hypothesis.

evolution chart

Over time the humpback straightened, the legs got longer, the arms longer and the head changed. That means the insides of the body changed too, and the brain changed to a reasoning, imagining one. Hmm?

Any proof at all? Nope.  Since the ape or monkey is hallowed out as the practical starting point, why then are apes and monkeys still in the same shape and form as they were millions or billions of years ago when the evolutionary process evolved, when all other creatures changed in shape and form? None of the other figures in the sketch of our developing process are still among us.  Nope.  Not the second, the third, the fourth sketch, none of them. It’s just an artist’s rendition of what the scientists wanted him to draw. “Yeah, buddy, looks good, we believe it could’ve been like that, we’ll use it, here’s your check.”

No proof, none at all, no one was there to witness the transformations, no books were written, no writing on the walls, no pictures, no scientific evidence, no videos, so these inspired scientists and all want us to accept this because they say so. Now, isn’t that called a belief using faith.

Websters defines faith as: “firm belief in something for which there is no proof.” And “something that is believed especially with strong conviction.”

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

The alternative. Read the book of Genesis. Ah, you don’t even have to read the whole book, just the first few chapters and accept it on faith, because Moses was inspired to write it.


Author: Arnold R. Kropp

About Mr. Arnold. Back in the days when I was a kid growing up in south Chicago, freely roaming around the neighborhood was common, and just a part of life in the late '40s and early '50s. A train track was less than a mile away and a favorite place to walk along the rails. A large city park was a bit closer with areas of dense trees and areas of open grassy picnic grounds. A public golf course was just two blocks away, but the famed 4-lane busy Western avenue had to be crossed to get to it, and we crossed in the middle of the block running between the cars and trucks. We knew the risks. In the winters, we would climb that fence making our way to one of the ponds, we’d push and shovel away the snow and play a spontaneous game of hockey, or bring a sled and slide down the hillside ; no adults, no special padding, just a group of kids enjoying the contest. Dad was at work. Mom was home tending to the laundry and preparing the family meal for promptly at 6 pm. Life was good. It was fun. Sunday mornings were dress up in suit and tie, polished shoes for Sunday school and the worship service, then to a restaurant. Arnold went on to college immediately after high school, but could not find a subject, a major that was really up his alley, so he enlisted in the Army and served in Germany during the years the Berlin wall was built. Seeing what effects Soviet communism had on the people of East Germany left an impression on him. During those years, he would write many long letters home starting a desire to write more than just letters. Many years later Arnold developed a blog where he posted hundreds of articles on the political side of American life. Some of those are available in the collection named "Ramblings". Today, Society is totally different from that of the '50s, a whole lot different. Today, it has become scary to let the kids roam. Today it has become organized to the hilt with 2nd graders playing organized football. In my present relatively quiet neighborhood, I do see kids walking the streets, but there is a difference as the kids seem to be apprehensive and on guard or intently operating a telephone as they walk, not running after each other playing hide and seek. Today, the above freedoms of the '50s are suspect and avoided as being dangerous activities. And that is sad. It's sad that today's kids do not have that freedom, and it may be having a direct effect on their development. Consider, one fact that is readily apparent today compared to yesterday; the preponderance of overweight and obese kids, even pre-school kids are heavier than we were, and this has to be affecting the rest of their daily lives. No doubt about it. But, I'd better hush, can't talk about those things. Yes, in the '50s there were Semi-trucks, public transportation, murders, rape, robberies, house fires, sickness and diseases resulting in death, and yes, there were deadly vehicle accidents too. There was even poverty and homosexuals too. We went to public schools, and the high school was integrated. This was Chicago, but those events did not make the headlines, as news was only broadcast at 6pm and possibly 10pm nightcap. Days of the cold war kept us together as a nation. We saw the "Victory at Sea" war clips before the main feature at the theaters. And now technology dominates life. A cell phone in every handy pocket posting selfies. A computer saving everything to one of those cumulous clouds. Room size TV’s broadcasting everything 24/7. This is more information than I want. Let me decide something. I think. therefore, I am. I was born a male, therefore I am. I was born-again, therefore I am. I have life within, therefore I am. The news is not my guide. The TV is not my Sheppard.

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